Roaming Torre Abbey all FRIDAY evening..

A living tradition Border Morris dance side rooted in our twin passions: Morris dancing and acid techno. Ragged tattered shirts, tailcoats, aggressive sticking, extravagantly decorated top hats, yelling, painted faces, bells, bells and more bells. Your average Morris side congregates outside a country pub and waves hankies at passing gentlefolk. The Acid Morris congregate in the weirdest corners of the UK's best dancefloors and smash out spinning, stick-cracking takes on the nation's traditional dance routines to the real folk music of the 21st century – hard acid techno. When the dances we dance were conceived they were danced to the high energy riotous dance music of the time, on the instruments that were popular at the time. We leave the historical re-enactment style period-instrument playing to the other Morris sides and dance our dances to the music we grew up listening to. In practice this translates to our varying musical line-up being backed by live acid techno over our mobile 12v Acid Morris Soundsystem. With a 303 and drum machine backing our 7-piece folk instrumentation we now sound like nothing else you’ve ever heard – although why no-one has programmed a 303 full of the English folk songbook before is frankly totally beyond us.