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Afro Reggae Sound System is known for their heavy hitting sounds and their wickedest ways they approach reggae soundclashes and dancehall shows. Afro Reggae sound consist of a team of DJs and MCs from Africa who constantly travel the globe spreading the baddest sounds inna reggae. The sound system is an international, independently operating, roots reggae & dub sound system. A small city called Gaborone in Botswana back in the year 2000, that is when two 18 year old and 23 year old friends was united by their talent for Mcing and Reggae. Afro Reggae Sound System plays fresh reggae tunes to come outta Africa and Jamaica.Through out the years the crew performed with great Artists such as Jah Shaka, Judgement yard, Chanty Natural, King Blahk, House of Riddim, just to name a few. Powered and inspired by the most I Jah Rastafari and the African culture.When it comes to a party we do it proper.