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Clan Dextine started djing in 1998 in Berlin and became soon part of the then vibrant illegal club scene in the east part of the city. There he played techno for seven years in numerous underground clubs, the most known being Eimer and Maria. In 2005, with the club environment changing, he decided to travel and dedicate his life to social activism and crafty arts. Ten years later, then Burlesque and Balkan parties captured his imagination and brought him straight back to pursue his old passion for djing. With London as a base and the new sound, he has taken the scene by storm from day one and played in the last 3 years many metropolitan venues (e.g Coronet Theatre, Electrowerkz, Vaults, Passing Clouds, PoW, etc) plus clubs and festivals across the UK (e.g. Knockengorroch, Alchemy, Nozstock, Festival8, Green Gathering, Mau Waui, etc) and mainland Europe. He is a fixture at the Magic Garden and the Fox & Firkin and last year he started to further broaden his musical spectrum and has contributed regularly with his rootsy/ dubwise sets to the Little Blue Ball events in East London.