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DJ Hirize

Hirize, hailing from the South-West UK, started DJ'ing in late '91 playing hardcore at various illegal parties & beach raves. His first residency saw him playing regularly at local (now legendary venue) Pawlett Manor for a night called Sketch. He played regularly alongside Man Like GT, Hedge, Vinyl Junkie to name but a few. Hirize remained a resident at Pawlett playing for Sketch, GBH & Revibalize, right through until it finally closed its doors in '98. Having played for many other promoters and clubs over the years including GBH @ Depot (Bristol), Fusion @ Bath Pavillion, AZ-OZ @ Kingstons (Taunton), Kool Waters @ Dellers Wharf (Taunton), Club M (Majorca), NUBREAKS (Orlando, Florida), Chapter 33, Terminus , House Nation, Shuffle, Love Summer , We Smile, Ministry Of Sound, Grinagog Festival (Torquay) and many many more Old Skool , Rave Breaks and classic house is his speciality these days & he always try to throw something a bit special into every set he plays, from acapella mixes thrown over the top to unexpected tunes played at different speeds... as any one who has ever seen him play will know, Hirize always delivers!!!