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Duke Skellington is a refreshing face in the vintage electronic music scene today. Combining his love with both swinging music from the 20s and 30s along with his passion for futuristic bass music he is quickly becoming a pioneer in the worldwide movement of electro vintage music. He is the music producer for both the Vaude Villainz and Duke Skellington music projects. The Vaude Villainz recent record “Voodoo Swing” was released in early 2017 with Ragtime Records and a new Duke Skellington EP will be released with Ragtime in 2018 expanding on his signature futuristic and vintage music sound. He also co-runs an Electro Swing Podcast called “Jitterbug Jukebox” and is part of the label boss team at Ragtime Records. He can be found performing everywhere from LA, to Chicago, to San Francisco to London and will likely be coming to a dance floor near you!

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