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You ready to get up and get down?!
Those Purple People are flying into town!!

Yes that's right ya hero's, Sweety-Sweetcorn and The Purple Mc will be blasting in to drop some live vocals, bars, and electric guitar creating sounds through the future and past!

On an everlasting adventure, these two cosmic renegades have boogied from galaxy to galaxy, scouring the universe for The best boppin' beats and freshest funky feels to bring you "The Purple Experience"...

A Mix of Ghetto-Funk, Glitch-Hop, Disco and a dash of Drum n Bass with Rap, Rock and Blues flavours makes "The Purple Experience" a fine fiesta of frequencies for beings from all dimensions....

So don't hesitate, come get lifted and funked out of your brain!
While Purple People take us on a trip outa this world for a change!