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RAT boy

RAT BOY’s rebellious collision of genres has won an army of kindred spirits following a crazed summer in which he provoked chaotic scenes at the Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds festivals, completed his biggest UK tour to date.

Throughout his tracks to date, RAT BOY has continually evolved his style from the hip-hop/punk fusion of ‘Sign On’ through to boisterous big beat with ‘Move’ and the trap/funk/folk mash-up of ‘Get Over It’.

In addition to his music, RAT BOY’s skills extend into other disciplines including artwork, video production, prop design and fashion. His clothing line SCUM mixes 70s gangster chic with in vogue skatewear, and his creations have been snapped up by fans who have stayed behind after gigs to buy his limited edition designs.

Throughout the year to date, RAT BOY’s growing acclaim has been matched with a succession of major award nominations. Last year, he was named on both the BBC Sound of 2016 longlist and the MTV Brand New for 2016 shortlist, and also won Best New Artist at the NME Awards.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RatBoyRatBoy