We all know that Shangri-La is perhaps the best part of Glastonbury Festival; but what makes it so great? For us, it's that coherent chaos between amazing music and modern art. The team that is responsible for building this new reality are coming to Grinagog Festival with ShangrilART. Kaye Dunnings - Creative Director, Shangri-La Glastonbury, explains what it's all about: “Only a small audience sees the work that is created for Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival. We aim to spread Shangri-La’s message of love, rebellion and humour through external projects and events, giving people a piece of Shangri-La to take home with them, and providing some income to the Artists that have contributed to Shangri-La over the years. We aim to reach people who wouldn't usually engage with Art, by bringing it to them rather than the other way round, pushing ourselves to work in new ways and contexts, continuing to challenge ourselves and the world around us.” We can't wait to see this often-anarchic art at our 800-year-old festival site in Torquay!