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GoSun the Company

The GoSun team shares a strong commitment to the solar-fueled lifestyle and the serving of others with our work.  It is a young company made up of a talented team of designers, engineers and change makers with their hearts and minds set on serving others.  We are passionate about our products and our customers who use them to lead a solar fueled lifestyle.

GoSun’s business model has two distinct initiatives: GoSun Stove and GoSun Global, with different strategies, product offerings and markets that share the same basic technology. GoSun Global is a social enterprise leveraging business and impact investing as a mechanism to perform good in the developing world.

How It Began
After a long morning dissembling a solar water heating device, GoSun founder and solar energy expert, Patrick Sherwin, realized that the vacuum tubes sitting next to him might be able to reheat his lunch. When the food came out hot and roasted, it was an epiphany. Having lived extensively off the grid and working on solar energy projects around the world, he knew that he was on to something.

What started as a simple inspiration has grown into the leading name in fuel-free cooking, delivering thousands of stoves in more than 45 countries. Our team shares a strong commitment to the solar-fueled lifestyle and the serving of others with our work.

Environment & Empowerment
Cooking with the Sun can save lives, protect the environment and empowering communities around the World.

Today around 3 Billion people cook with dirty fuel sources, such as wood, dung or charcoal. As a result, smoke inhalation related illness ranks with malaria and AIDs as one of the great greatest problems facing the world. In addition, fuel wood scarcity drives families around the world to spend many hours collecting and transporting heavy loads of fuel wood, often to the detriment of already endangered ecosystems. If fire wood is purchased it often makes a sizeable portion of the family's income.

After an opportunity from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to extensively test it's technology in the highlands of Guatemala, GoSun is on the verge of starting a social enterprise for developing markets with the potential to change lives, communities and ecosystems.