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GoSun Sport

Price: $315.00 (CAD)

Plus $40.00 (CAD) S&H for shipped items

Dry Weight: 7 lbs (3.18kg)
Oven Volume: 53oz (1.6L) liquid or up to 3 lbs (1.4kg) of food
Oven Dimensions: 2.8” (7.6cm) outside diameter, 2.3” (5.8cm) inside diameter , 24” (61cm) length
Unit Open Size: 24” (61cm) long x 16” (41cm) tall x 12” (30cm) wide
Unit Closed Size: 24” (61cm) long x 8” (20cm) tall x 5” (13cm) wide
Estimated Power Output: 230 Watts in full sunlight

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GoSun Sport Pro Pack


Price: $415.00 (CAD)

Plus $40.00 (CAD) S&H for shipped items

Pro Pack Includes:

GoSun Sport Solar Cooker: The full base package including, durable cleaning scruby and GoSun Cook-Booklet
Padded Carrying Case: Padded Carrying Case is ruggedly built to take a beating, with the capacity to hold a kitchen on the go.
Easy-Clean Tray Pocket: Keeps any mess at bay
Ergonomic Shoulder Strap: Easy carry anywhere
Extra Cooking Tray: Great for serving one dish while cooking another
Microfiber Cleaning Towel: A super soft microfiber towel, perfect for cleaning the tube and reflectors without scratching.

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